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Money you could save

Photovoltaic systems on a household have the benefit of saving the householder money on their electricity bills, save on CO2 emissions and generate a return for your investment using the governments feed in tariff initiative.

For example a house or premises in the Glasgow area with a 2.8kW PV array would on average generate 2360kWh per year*

From this you would earn:

Feed in tariffSavingsExportTotal
2360kWh x 21p
= £496
2360kWh x 12p
= £283
@50% 1180kWh x 3p
= £35
£814 per year

You get paid the feed in tariff 21p per unit if you use the electricity or not. So using the washing machine or Vacuum cleaner during the day will cost you no or little money.

This is not just an energy saving device but also an excellent investment, with the potential to pay itself back in 10 years with all earnings TAX FREE! And the feed in tariff is valid for 25 years.

Calculate your savings

Use the Solar Calculator below to calculate your own savings, depending on your roof size and location.


Provided courtesy of Solar Guide. An in-depth resource of information about the feed-in tariff and renewable heat incentive.

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